Fabricators FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ page on Stone Countertop Fabricators & Installers! Here, we answer common questions about countertop installation, materials, costs, and more. Discover valuable insights to help you make the right decisions for your kitchen or bathroom renovation project. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Fabricator Page!

1. What is the average labor cost to install countertops?

The average labor cost to install countertops varies depending on the material, location, and complexity of the project. On average in the Boise area, labor costs range from $45 to $65 per square foot for most countertop materials.

2. What is the countertop installation process?

The countertop installation process typically involves the following steps:

  • Template Creation
  • Material Selection
  • Cutting and Shaping the Stone
  • Edge Profiling
  • Polishing
  • Seaming (if necessary)
  • Quality inspection
  • Installation
  • 3. Can you install countertops yourself?

    While it is possible to install some types of countertops yourself, such as laminate or tile, it's recommended to hire a professional for materials like granite, marble, or quartz, as these require specialized tools, skills, and expertise.

    4. How long does it take professionals to install countertops?

    Professional countertop installation can typically take anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Factors that can affect the installation time include the material, size of layout, number of seams, and additional customization requirements. A fabricator's timeline usually takes 2 to 4 weeks from stone selection to installation.

    5. Do countertops sit directly on cabinets?

    Yes, countertops usually sit directly on top of the cabinets, with a layer of adhesive between the countertop and the cabinet to create a secure bond.

    6. Are countertops glued down or screwed down?

    Countertops are generally glued down using a strong construction adhesive or silicone. Screws are typically not used, as they can damage the countertop material or compromise its integrity.

    7. Does the countertop installer install the sink?

    Countertop fabricators and installers will install the sink as part of the countertop installation process. This usually includes cutting the opening for the sink and attaching the sink to the countertop material.

    8. What needs to be done before countertop installation?

    Before countertop installation, you should clear the workspace, remove any existing countertops, ensure the cabinets are level and secure, and prepare necessary plumbing and electrical connections.

    9. Does countertop installation include a sink?

    Countertop installation typically includes sink installation, but not the actual sink. If you'd like to browse sinks, please check out our Sink Page!

    10. Can you use countertops right after installation?

    For most countertop materials, you can use them a few hours after installation. Water connections should be made the next day to let the glue dry. If your countertops were sealed during the installation process, you may need to wait a full day to allow the sealant to cure fully.

    11. Can you use countertops after installation?

    Yes, you can lightly use countertops after installation. However, it is recommended to wait a day to allow any applied sealant and adhesive to cure fully. Make sure to follow the specific care and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer or installer for your countertop material.

    12. Is it messy to install countertops?

    Countertop installation can be messy, especially when dealing with natural stone or engineered materials that require cutting and polishing. Dust and debris are common byproducts of the installation process. However, professional installers typically take precautions to minimize the mess and clean up after the installation is complete.

    13. What is the cheapest countertop to install?

    Laminate countertops are generally the cheapest option to install. Rock Bottom Granite does not suggest laminate countertops because of heat & water, durability, longevity, low resale value, less luxurious appearance, and limited customization issues.

    14. What is the cheapest way to replace countertops?

    The cheapest way to replace countertops is to choose an affordable material, such as laminate or tile, and consider DIY installation. Rock Bottom Granite does not suggest laminate or self installation as these methods can often cost an owner much more in the near future.

    15. Does Home Depot & Lowes cut and install countertops?

    No, Home Depot or Lowes does not cut or install countertops. They will sub-contract the cutting and installation services for countertops, often to the cheapest bidder. Rock Bottom Granite highly recommends you meet all contractors and experts before you agree to any ‘one-price-fits-all’ service.

    16. Does Home Depot & Lowes charge to cut countertops?

    Home Depot and Lowes charges for cutting and fabrication services as part of the overall countertop installation cost. The cost will depend on the specific material and project details. Rock Bottom Granite highly recommends you meet all contractors and experts before you agree to any ‘one-price-fits-all’ service.

    17. Is Home Depot or Lowes cheaper for countertops?

    Prices for countertops at Home Depot and Lowe's can vary depending on the material, brand, and location. It's best to compare prices for the specific countertop you're interested in at all countertop supply stores before making a decision. Rock Bottom Granite highly recommends you meet all contractors and experts before you agree to any ‘one-price-fits-all’ service.

    18. Does Home Depot or Lowes remove old countertops?

    Yes, Home Depot and Lowe's offer old countertop removal services as part of their countertop installation package, though this will come at an additional cost. Rock Bottom Granite highly recommends you meet all contractors and experts before you agree to any ‘one-price-fits-all’ service.