Local Boise Business Owner’s Sister helps coronavirus effort in Georgia by crafting unique face masks

Shared by Rock Bottom Granite on October 9th, 2020   I wanted to do a little preface on this story. Brian and Gisele (his mother) Pope own Rock Bottom Granite in Garden City, Idaho. Brian’s sister, Jessica Pope (Georgia), and Grandmother, Mariella Pope (Idaho), are creative, giving people who took their experience in art and […]

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Rock Bottom Granite is Moving on to a Bigger and Better Place!

We’re moving! Here’s what you need to know: Who? Rock Bottom Granite, your local, family owned and trusted, Treasure Valley granite distributor. What? Everything! We are taking all of our granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, sinks, workforce, equipment, records… Everything. When? Saturday, August 1st we’ll be moved to our new location, just a few blocks from our […]

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Happy Thanksgiving! Togetherness | Generosity | Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! This blog contains 3 ideologies that Rock Bottom Granite uses on an everyday basis, not just on Turkey Day. Togetherness, Generosity, & Gratitude.      – Togetherness: Rock Bottom Granite is a locally owned and operated natural stone business in the Treasure Valley. As the Treasure Valley has grown, so have we. When you […]

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Christian Szlanic November 26, 2020